A 2022 Reunion?

Updated, January, 2022.

Again we find ourselves at a crossroad. For the third year now we are considering postponing our reunion. Given the COVID variants and so many other variables including vaccinated, unvaccinated, Greece's travel restrictions, it's impossible to tell what this year will bring. 

We are preparing a survey which we ask everyone to take. Your participation is so important. In the end, all of you are part of the Reunion Committee because we need your involvement and commitment to make the reunion a reality.

Look for a post in our Facebook Rokakis Family group as well as here for more information on the survey and 2022.

Use the Message Board and click on the COVID-19 category to start a thread.  Let's keep the lines of communication open!
For now, we still anticipate staying at the Oasis Hotel. We will keep their contact info posted, unless these plans change.

Here is their contact info.

Oasis Hotel
Perivolia, Chania, Crete Greece

Contact: Pari at  011 30 2821093607 If you prefer to email her, contact her at 

The Rokakis Family in Theriso
The Rokakis Family in Theriso
A 2022 reunion...?
We hope so.


The following post was created before we postponed our reunion. We expect the plans for 2022 to follow this same itinerary.

Our reunion planning trip was very productive, and we are anxious to give you an update on our preparations for next year. We have a tentative schedule in place! Nothing is final, as we have some details to work out and they may affect the itinerary.


Here is what we know so far.


1. Hotel.

We know many are anxious to try someplace new, or to be close to the beach. The challenges we found are that in July nobody in the big hotels that could accommodate us are willing to set aside the rooms we need. There is a chance, in their minds, that we cancel last minute and rooms go empty during prime season. Also, as much as it’s hard to believe, they don’t need our business. Hotels use booking.com  or other online resources to book rooms. Many are already booked for next July. While we still need to get prices from one or two locations, they will e very expensive, from what we can determine. But final prices will be shared as we get them.

All this brings us back to Oasis, where we stayed in 2014. They are happy to welcome us back and gave us a price of 55 Euros a night. It’s a great price for July, anywhere in Chania. As we now see things, Oasis will be our base again in 2020.

We are requested to book our rooms by Christmas. Please contact Pari at info@oasis-guesthouse.com.

2. Itinerary.

We have two full day excursions planned. The first one takes us to the southern shores and Frangokastello. There is an old castle on the beach and the view of the castle from the water is beautiful. After the beach we will spend the afternoon in Sfakia where everyone is free to choose a restaurant to have a meal. After Sfakia, depending on everyone's responses, we are offering the option of a ferry boat ride to Loutro, about 15 minutes west of Sfakia. You can stay overnight and return on the next day, which is an open day on the schedule. I strongly urge that you consider this  Loutro is amazing and offers a quiet, unique break from the busy week of events. 

The other full day is a charter boat that takes us to Balos beach, a truly amazing location that is hard to describe. After a few hours on the beach we will take a short bus ride to Falassarna, where we expect to return for a sunset meal at the Panorama hotel, as we did in 2014.


Nestled in between these two days above we have various small excursions planned. A train ride to Therisso is in the works, repeating one of the favorite events of 2014. Lunch in the village with free time allows us to see more of Therisso than time allowed in 2014.


Other places to see throughout the week include  a train tour of the German soldiers cemetery in Malame, and the Charma brewery tour, the only brewery in Crete. Other events as options include  winery tours,  botanical gardens,  and the Limnoupoli water park. We will post more items soon.


Here is the tentative itinerary we planned for 2020:

Sunday, July 12 - Registration, welcome night (location to be determined)

Monday - Options day (see options)

Tuesday  - Amoudari Doxologia at Agios Georgios, Frangokastello, Sfakia and an option to stay overnight in Loutro.

Wednesday - Options day,

Thursday - Therisso lunch by train and evening free

Friday - Balos beach by ferry, followed by dinner at Panorama in Falassarna

Saturday, July 18 - Day free and Farewell dinner at Madares in Therisso


We strived to keep things less structured this time, with more free time and many options to fill the week.

Use the Contact Us page to give us feedback. We look forward to your thoughts and input.
Enjoying some free time at the Oasis Hotel.
Enjoying some free time at the Oasis Hotel.
Thank you to our hosts in Perivolia!
The Stratoudakis family at the Oasis Hotel were wonderful hosts. They made us feel like family and made an extra effort to accommodate us. We recommend them to any traveler looking for a welcoming atmosphere in Chania. The hotel is a quick cab ride from the city center, and also convenient to many beaches in Nea Hora, Galata, and in between.
Thanks for your input
Thank you for submitting your opinions on the 2020 reunion survey. We will use the results to give you a great exoerience in 2020.
Make plans to join us in 2022.

Where was Giannis Antetokounmpo born?

What was your best memory from the 2014 reunion?

Elafonisi beach
The Askifou plateau
The Samarian Gorge/Loutro
Welcome night festivities
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