Andreas and Sophia Rokakis with children and others, 1924.
Andreas and Sophia Rokakis with children
and others, 1924.
When Andreas and Sophia Rokakis first settled in Therisso in the late 19th century, the roots of a great family tree began to spread, and with it a rich family history began. One which is still unfolding to this day, through the lives of their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the many descendants yet to come.

This family reunion was meant to strengthen our bonds as descendants of that simple, poor couple who were drawn to the raw beauty of Therisso, hoping for a better life for themselves and their children.

We each have our own story to tell about the reunion and what it meant to us. Let's stay in touch, share our stories, and strengthen our bonds as fellow Rokaki, as Therissiani, as Cretans!


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Andreas Rokakis
Entrepreneur 4
I am the son of Emmanuel Rokakis and Evagelia Pitsos.  
I am living in Montreal, QUEBEC - CANADA.
Marries since 1995 to Georgia Petrouleas and have 4 lovely children which are the following:
Ellenie Patra Rokakis 
Emmanuel (Mano) Rokakis
Yianni Rokakis
Evangellos (Evan) Rokakis
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Andrew Rokakis
webmaster Married 5
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Barbara Kitamorn
Profile picture
Profile picture
Married 2
Chrissy Papadakis (Kontogiannis)
Profile picture
stay at home mother of 3 Married 3
 Very excited and looking forward to reconnecting with family!!! Send Chrissy a MessageSend Chrissy a Message
Christina Rokakis
Single Again
Eleni Rokakis
I can't wait for the reunion! 
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Jim Rokakis
Director of non-profit Married 3
Yiassou Andrea and Aleko!
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Maria Rokakis
student Committed Relationship 1
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Simina Vourlis
lawyer Single
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Sophia Rokakis
Retired Married 1
 I am the second daughter of Manolis Rokakis to Ioannou, son of Andreas and Sophia. Manolis married Evangelia Pitsos. They have 4 children, Georgia, myself, John and Andreas . Send Sophia a MessageSend Sophia a Message
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