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Oasis Hotel
Perivolia, Chania, Crete Greece

Contact: Pari
011 30 2821093607. 
Sirios Village Hotel & Bungalows
A view of the grounds from an upper bungalow baclony.
A view of the grounds from an upper bungalow baclony.

Kato Daratso, Crete Greece

Contact: Fragkiskos Hatziagelakis
30-2821-032146 +30-28210-032102, 30-2821-033377
This s a very nice resort, with bungalows as well as a main hotel. In this respect is is similar to the Perle. There are many pools on the grounds, as well as a playground and other features. Some bugalows have private pools! The main building has a restaurant and other amenities. Please visit the website to learn more.

I visited this hotel in my last hours in Crete and was very impressed. This is a higher end hotel and reservation may no longer be available.
32, Angelou street, Palia Poli,
Hania, Crete Greece

Contact: Despina Papdeli
+30 282 108 7102
From their web site:
"Iason Studios is a small family business and includes five studios in a two-storey building with private bathroom, kitchen facilities, and balcony. "
Ifigenia Studios
This is a map of the Old Harbor with the 5 locations indicated.
This is a map of the Old Harbor with the 5 locations indicated.

Old Town
Chania Greece

Contact: Manager, Michalis Boulakis
30 28210 94357, 99184,
There are five Ifigenia Studio locations, Studios 1-4 and Captain Vasili's. These are located in the back alleys behind the old harbor. if you want to stay somehere to get the true feeling of Hania, there is no better place than the Venetian Harbor.

From their web site:
"Ifigenia Studios has rooms and studios for rent situated in several buildings in the historical center of the old city of Chania. The architectonic and the decoration of the complex follow the traditional Venetian style of the colorful old city of Chania, always characterized from a mystical atmosphere of the past. The studios also offer amazing view to the sea and the old town."
Kores Boutique Houses
11 Douka str.
Chania Greece

30 694 5894598
Two homes in the Old City. From their web site:
"In the old city of Hania, on the western side of the Venetian harbour and next to the rampant of the Venetian walls, the Kores boutique houses, an independent – self serviced lodging of two tourist furnished residences that have been developed in a completely renovated multi-story medieval building in the traditional district Topanas can be found."
Porto Veneziano Hotel
Akti Enoseos & Glafkou
Old Venetian Harbor - Chania Greece

Contact: Yannis Platsidakis
This is a smaller but newly renovated hotel. It is very clean and located right on at the docks, on the far east end of the old Venetian Harbor. We were very impressed by the overall appearance nd location. Thus hotel has no grounds to speak of. It sites on a small block and has no pool.
Nefeli Hotel
47 Zimvrakakidon Str. 73136
Chania, Crete Greece

Contact: George Vougioukalakis
This hotel was recommended to us by Alex's father-in-law, Ted Karachalias. That speaks volumes. It is a very nice hotel and is priced moderately. It sits right in the city and has no extended grounds. It has no pool but is a first class establishment and the best value we saw for the money.
Hotel Helena
A' Parados Theotokopoulou 14
Venetian Harbor - Chania Greece

Contact: No contact name
This is one of the many small hotels with just seven rooms, located on a back alley right behind the old Venetian Harbor. A very beautiful location. I have no information about the hotel. I just picked up a business card as I walked past. See the website.
Zorbas Beach Village
Stavros - Akrotiri, 73131
Chania, Crete Greece

30 28210 3901011
"Zorbas Beach Hotel is a beachfront complex of 53 apartments and studios that lies on the most beautiful part of the Akrotiri peninsula in Chania."

This is located just a stone's throw from the Perle, and is adjacent to the town of Stavro and its beaches. I just learned about this from my nephew Manouso and wanted to post the information as quickly as possible.

There are many stidios stilll available as of March 29. It is worth visiting their website. It may be a nice option for a large group of us.The reservations page clearly indicates the types of studios left for the week of the reunion and how many of each type that remain. Prices look very reasonable.