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If You Will Take Our Advice

You will have plenty of free time during your reunion week to explore the city and prefecture af Chania. And there are countless websites and books available to you to help you plan your excursions. But if you want to avoid all that effort, and are willing to rely on our advice, then consider these places and things to see.
The alleways behind the Old Harbor

No visit to Chania would be complete without a stroll through the back alleys behind the Old Venetian Harbor. For couples, it provides one of the most romantic nighttime experiences in all of Europe. There are no cars but keep an eye out for the occassional motorbike.
Small intimate tavernas beckon you into their cozy surroundings. Your senses will be  overwhelmed as you walk past jewelry stores, art studios, pottery shops, and other stores featuring traditional Cretan handicrafts. In a region that rarely sees rain from June through August, the stunning blue skies are your ceiling as everything happens outdoors. Even the tavernas rarely have true indoor searing. And at nighttime everything becomes more magical and alluring. You may walk through a doorway of a taverna only to find that the stars are your ceiling and the walls are remains of old Venetian ruins. Shadows run deep and romantic lighting is everywhere.
To begin your excursion, head north on Halidon Street and turn left before you reach the harbor, onto Zampeliou Steet. This is right next to the Starbucks. Yes there is a Starbucks in Chania. The Minotaur himself would get lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets. But not to worry. Eventually you will find your way out, no doubt with a fuller stomach and a thinner wallet.
Kreta Gold
Kreta Gold jewelry
Kreta Gold jewelry

Chalidon Street 17-71
Chania Greece

Contact: Katerina Foudoulakis

Our cousins Katerina (Rokakis) and Stelios Foundoulakis have this wondeful jewelry store on Chalidon Street, the main avenue emptying into the old harbor from Chatzimichali Giannari Street. The small alley next to Kreta Gold is known as Leather Alley, because of all the leather shops concentrated there.
Limnoupolis Water Park

Varipetro, Crete Greece

This is right outside the city of Hania, in Varipetro. It's a great way to spend the afternoon or the day with children. 
The watermark covers over 65 square kilometers and compares to the best water parks anywhere. There are lazy river rides, many water slides, a pool bar, restaurant, snack bars and so much more. 
Group Tours on a Segway
Tour the Old Harbor on a Segway
Tour the Old Harbor on a Segway 

There are several companies offering guided tours of the Old City and Harbor. This one in particular offers tours on Segways! Our travel agent at the Perle, Christina, can make any arrangements for you. Meantime, browse the websites link above for more informations
The Monastery of Arkadi
The Monastery of Arkadi
The Monastery of Arkadi 

The Monastery of Arkadi is east of Rethymnon, about an hour and a half drive from Chania. One of Europe's Monuments to Freedom, it has signifigance to the Cretans as a symbol of their resistance to the Turks, as well as for it's architectural beauty.
In 1866 over 900 men, women and children had taken refuge there against an advancing Turkish army. When all hope was lost and a massacre was imminent, a magazine of explosives was ignited, killing everyone and turning the monastery into a pile of rubble.
There's a museum in the monastery with many relics of the 1866 Holocaust and some beautiful icons.