Artemis Papadakis
Artemis Papadakis
It seems fitting that our first memorial would be for a person who meant so much to anyone who visited Therisso on a regular basis. Artemi Papadaki, elder statesman and walking encyclopedia,  passed away earlier this year, at the age of 100. With his passing we lost the last living connection to our grandparents, and their early years in Therisso.

Artemi could recite the Erotokrito, seemingly from beginning to end, and despite his age, the sparkle in his eyes never diminished as he shared his stories of the people and history of Therisso.

Artemi's kafeneio was a landmark for over 50 years, and it saddens me to think that it is no longer there.

Artemi was preceded in death by his wife Maria, in 2011, and they will be sorely missed. May their memories be eternal.