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Below are some great online resources to learn more about Hania and Crete

You Tube Videos
Chania - Crete Length: 1:10:31
My cousin Stella Varouhakis gave me this video on DVD when she visited the U.S. for her son Miron's wedding. I was happy to find it on YouTube. It is an excellent video and very entertaining. Ευχαριστο Στέλλα!
An amazing short video of Theo Ianni! Length: 2:56. Greek language.
When I came across this video and saw the image of my own Uncle John I was totally blown away. This was taken at the nursing home and he is telling the story of Venizelos and the uprising against the Turks for Cretan independence, which began in Theriso.
This is... Crete. Length: 5:28.
Did you know that the mountains of Crete have more edible plants than anywhere else in Europe? That's one of the fascinating facts you'll learn about the Cretan diet and how it's intertwined with every aspect of life in Crete.

Optional Free Day Destinations

The Monastery of Arkadi This tranquil location was the site of much heroism and sacrifice in 1866, when almost 1000 people, mostly women and children, took refuge ther during a revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Sacrificing themselves, the Cretans blew up barrels of gunpowder, rather than admin defeat.

Charma Brewery Cretan Brewery S.A is the first microbrewery in the prefecture of Chania Crete. The brewery is located in Zounaki village, in the municipality of Platanias.

Vrisses This charming village in North Western Crete is well known for the cafés beneath the plane trees at the centre of town as well its delicious local sheep’s yogurt.


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