We added a fifth question to the survey!

We are open to all ideas for where we will have the reunion in 2020. It’s generally agreed that it will be in Chania, but there are several options and things to consider with each one.

If we return to the Hotel Oasis, where we had the 2014 reunion, prices will be reasonable, and if we stay a night or two at the east end of the island, that will make the double booking of those nights easier to afford. 

If we book a new new venue closer to the sea, it will be more expensive, but you’re paying for the better location.

Another option is a large resort where there are more pools, restaurants and other features for the families. This will be the most expensive and will also have more outside guests staying there. 

We will need to book our location this year to ensure a reservation. But in 2014 we were able to book the Oasis in March of that year, after the first choice became unavailable at the last minute.
1) How long should the reunion last?
4-7 days
7-10 days
Longer than 10 days
2) What type of hotel accomodations would you prefer for the reunion?
I prefer to make my own accommodations.
I prefer to book at one primary hotel with other reunion participants
My family has a residence in the Hania area and I will not need to book a hotel.

3) What type of travel accommodations do you prefer?
Tour buses take me everywhere we go
I handle my own accommodations, such as rent a car
I share a car with others.
A combination of tour bus and my own accommodations.
4) Would you be interested in seeing the eastern end of Crete?
Yes, if we return same day
Yes, even if we stay somewhere overnight

5) Where should we have the reunion accomodations?
Return to the 2014 venue - Hotel Oasis
A hotel closer to the sea (more expensive option)
A large resort with restaurants, multiple pools, other geatures