How long should the reunion last?
4-7 days
  (36 %)
7-10 days
  (55 %)
Longer than 10 days
  (9 %)
What type of hotel accomodations would you prefer for the reunion?
I prefer to make my own accommodations.
  (14 %)
I prefer to book at one primary hotel with other reunion participants
  (79 %)
My family has a residence in the Hania area and I will not need to book a hotel.
  (7 %)

What type of travel accommodations do you prefer?
Tour buses take me everywhere we go
  (73 %)
I handle my own accommodations, such as rent a car
  (18 %)
I share a car with others.
  (0 %)
A combination of tour bus and my own accommodations.
  (9 %)
Would you be interested in seeing the eastern end of Crete?
Yes, if we return same day
  (18 %)
  (0 %)
Yes, even if we stay somewhere overnight
  (82 %)