We are moving the farewell dinner to Friday, July 14! 

The Oasis Hotel cannot take any reservations for Saturday, July 15. If you have not reserved a room yet, you will have to check-out on Saturday. Because of this, we are ending the reunion a day earlier.

Due to this unexpected change, we urge everyone to email Pari at Oasis and get your reservations in while there are still rooms available for the week of the reunion. Please go to the 2023 Accomodations page for updated info on providing a down payment for your room(s).

The rest of the itinerary will not change. Friday and Saturday were free days on the schedule anyways, so this change has minimal effect on everyone. And it gives you the whole weekend to make other plans.

Go to the 2023 Accomodations page to get contact info for Oasis. 

Sorry for the change to the schedule. 

Andy Rokakis


See you July 9-15, 2023!

Reunion plans are almost complete. Most everything is in place. The tour buses are ready and waiting. Our Welcome Night venue is reserved. The hotel is booked, and we have some special events planned as well. 


We prepared a great itinerary, which you can from the left menu - 2023 Itinerary. We may make some small changes, so check back often. 


Meanwhile, start planning for 2023 and dream about sunny days, warm beaches, good company, great food, and fun times to come!


Cynthia returned to her birthplace in Varipetro
Cynthia returned to her birthplace in Varipetro