The Rokakis Family in Theriso
The Rokakis Family in Theriso
We did it!
The reunion was a great success! Thanks to everyone who attended.
If you build it, they will come. And they did!
Over 150 people from the United States, Canada and Crete the world answered our call. Welcome night dinner had over 140 people and the farewell dinner had over 150!
Enjoying some free time at the Oasis Hotel.
Enjoying some free time at the Oasis Hotel.
Thank you to our hosts in Perivolia!
The Stratoudakis family at the Oasis Hotel were wonderful hosts. They made us feel like family and made an extra effort to accomodate us. We recommend them to any traveler looking for a welcoming atmosphere in Chania. The hotel is a quick cab ride from the city center, and also convenient to many beaches in Nea Hora, Galata, and in between.

Here are some details about the Oasis Hotel:
  • A swimming pool with a pool bar
  • Various rooms for 2, 3, 4, and 5 people.
  • The 5-person "bungalow" is a two story unit with 2 beds on top and 3 below.
  • Breakfast is included
  • Room rates go from 45 Euros all the way up to 80 Euros per night for the 5 person bungalow. NICE!
  • Hourly bus service into Chania
  • Palm trees, and orange and mandarin groves surround the hotelAutomatic

Check out the Photo Gallery
We hotel images in the Photo Album page. Thanks to Manoli and Anna Maria Kastrinakis for the wonderful photos.

THANK YOU! THANK YoOU! THANK YOU! My nephew Alex Sofianos and I thank all of our family members in Canada and Crete who helped us through this difficult process. Coordinating things from thousands of miles away is a difficult task.

A special thank you to Manoli and Anna Maria Kastrinakis for so much assistance. You scouted out hotels and sent us many photos from Stavro, Malaxa and Perivolia. Whenever we called for help, you responded immediately.

Thank you Katerina and Stellio Fountoulakis for your enthusiasm, encouragement and organizing the farewell dinner.

Thanks to our Montreal relatives, Sophia and John Rokakis, as well as Mary Markos, for your input and leads on other venues. Thank you Manoli Rokakis for organizing our day in Askifou.

A special thanks to Andreas Lilikakis for connecting us with the bus company and for helping us find a venue for the welcome night dinner.
Welcome night at the Keramos in Malaxa.
Welcome night at the Keramos in Malaxa.
Registration, a walking tour of Chania, and the Welcome Night Banquet
Registration was on Sunday, July 13. Okay, to be honest, it was not much of a registration. You checked in to the hotel, got a wristband and picked up a reunion booklet, with an overview of the week's activities. "Registration" sounds so much cooler.

Our cousin Katerina Fountoulakis graciously covered the cost of a walking tour of the city. The tour began at noon, and approximately 16 people participated. Thank you Katerina and Stellio!

The first evening included an unforgettable Welcome Night Banquet which was held at the Keramos Restaurant in Malaxa, situated high in the foothills and overlooking all of Chania. We were there for a beautiful sunset. It was also our first opportunity to meet relatives from Crete, Canada, and Australia, and was a magical evening. Truly amazing! 

The reunion week was filled with so many wonderful and unforgettable trips and events.
Schedule of Events
See the reunion's  Details of Events page for a detailer Itinerary. It was updated on June 26, 2014.
In which town did Anthony Quinn dance the sirtaki on the beach in the movie Zorba the Greek?

Balos Beach
What excites you the most about the reunion?

Spending time with close family in Crete.
Meeting relatives for the first time.
Learning more about your family history.
Seeing Crete.
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